Success in any sphere of life requires three key ingredients: strong will power, an able and involved coach/mentor and the right set of tools and environment to practice. Remember Great Milkha Singh? A very strong will power to excel, an able coach, dedicated practice on real track day in and day out, complemented with continuous analysis and improvement made him the legend that we remember as “Flying Sikh” today.

We provide tools needed for you to gain a competitive edge for the JEE / BITSAT / NEET / AIIMS:

  • Unparalleled Questions
  • Real-life JEE / BITSAT / NEET (AIPMT) / AIIMS Exam Simulation
  • Drill- down Visual Reports
  • Personalised Analysis and Insights

The Faculty Edge

CollegeDoors brings you access to some of the best faculty coaches that India has to offer, in the comfort of your home!

Our faculty members have more than 15 years of active IIT JEE / BITSAT , NEET (AIPMT) and AIIMS coaching experience. They have worked in highly-successful coaching classes across India for years. Built on this strong foundation, the team has developed an exhaustive list of thousands of fresh questions, most of which you will not encounter any where else. This team is well-acquainted with the success factors that make a difference in your preparations, giving you an edge where it matters the most. Some of them being relevance of questions for specific exams, mix of difficulty and what should go into a good exam paper.

The Analytics Edge

Complementing highly effective faculty, CollegeDoors is a team of highly experienced professionals to provide you with actionable insights using state of the art analytics.

We have developed a robust set of algorithms that give you the big picture, as well as detailed question-wise performance breakdown, in a single Dashboard. The feedback students get is highly effective, providing them insights into areas of strength and improvement opportunities, in subject matter as well as time management.

CollegeDoors also enables sharing performance reports of students (optional) with their teacher or coach, so that students can seek their help in interpreting the results and focus on actionables.

The Platform Edge

Time is of essence when it comes to highly competitive examinations. We have designed and custom built the CollegeDoors platform to provide you with a real-life test-taking experience, be it IIT JEE (Main), How to Prepare for JEE Main, BITSAT or NEET (AIPMT) or AIIMS.The platform helps students, teachers and parents to find the answers for questions such as "How to Prepare for JEE Main, How to Prepare for IIT JEE, How to prepare for NEET", among others.Practicing on real-life platforms is important so that in entrance exam you don't waste a moment in getting familiar with the examination environment.

Greater practice drives familiarity to perform better on the day of the final exam. This leaves you free to focus on what matters most - working on the concepts that you need to have mastery on to attain success. Only practice more is not good enough; practicing on real-life platform with most relevant questions is important to test your preparedness continuously... be it chapter wise practice or half syllabus or full syllabus practice.

Get started with a Practice Test, today!

Why CollegeDoors? is a unique testing platform aimed at IIT JEE / BITSAT / NEET (AIPMT) aspirants, to help them achieve better results through Analytics and Insights. This video details the opportunities in this segment, the success factors you need in your favour, and how partnering with us can help you meet your objectives.

How CollegeDoors Works? is a unique testing platform aimed at IIT JEE / BITSAT / NEET (AIPMT) aspirants, to help them achieve better How to prepare for NEET results through Analytics and Insights. This video showcases how the platform works, how it complements your coaching class, and finally, how to interpret the reports to identify your specific areas of strength and areas of improvement.