Why CollegeDoors ?

Because Sucecss and Winning Should Never be Left to Chance

Succes in any sphere of life requires three key ingredients: strong will power an able and involved
coach/mentor and the right set of tools and environment to practice. Remember Great Milkha Singh?, A very
strong will power to excel, an able coach, dedicated practice on real track day in and day out, complemented
with continuous analysis and improvement made him the legend that we remember as "Flying Sikh" today.

Key Benefits

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High Quality Questions & Question Paper Just Like Real Exam

  • CollegeDoors gives you access to hundereds of error free and high quality questions from each topic prepared by our highly experienced faculty in each subject.
  • Each and every test, part syllabus as well as full syllabus, on CollegeDoors is of the same difficulty level as expected in the real exam.
  • Our algos ensure that no question is repeated in any test irrespective of no. of tests taken.
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Simulated Enviornment to Ensure Familiarity in Real Exam

  • We have designed the CollegeDoors test platform to provide you with a test-taking experience which is almost same as the real exam.
  • Whether it is answering different type of questions in JEE Advanced or Aptitutde and bonus questions in BITSAT or Assertion-Reason questions in AIIMS, we make sure that you know how to move to new questions, view full paper in a glance etc. and do not make mistakes because of unfamiliarity with the examination environment.
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Question Level Analysis and Insights

  • Most of the students spend more than 50% of total available time on eiether unanswered or incorrect questions.
  • Our analysis gives you total score, as well as detailed question-wise performance breakdown, in a single Dashboard.
  • The feedback students get is highly effective, providing them insights into areas of strength and improvement opportunities, in subject matter as well as time management.
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Complete Exam Behaviour Analysis and Expert Guidance

  • CollegeDoors provides the complete examination journey in a single view, with help of which, students can seek help from our expert team (From Premier Engineering and Medical Institutes).
  • Students can also provide access of their report to teachers/mentors/parents/friends and seek their inputs on the of exam taking behaviour.
  • You can also learn by getting access of reports of your friends and develop suitable examination strategy.