IIT JEE, BITSAT , AIIMS and NEET (AIPMT)... these are all India level highly competitive entrance exams. Out of many lakhs who appear in these exams, only a few thousands finally get selected. For example, of the 12 lakh students who appeared in JEE (Main) in 2016, only two lakh qualified to appear in JEE (Advanced). You will be surprised to learn that, despite having the skills/knowledge to come in the top percentiles, some students often fare poorly in the exam because they do not have an appropriate strategy or lack crucial insights into their performance.

Being a team of professionals who have seen closely a lot of students go through the rigor of exams similar to IIT JEE- Main and Advanced, BITSAT or NEET (AIPMT) ourselves, we’ve often seen and recognized the same hurdles and confusions in the minds of most of the aspiring students – What should I study? How to crack NEET? How to prepare for JEE main? How do I know where I stand with respect to others? Is my current way of preparation the best? What are my weak areas and how do I improve on them? This cycle of confusion and misguided information continues year after year.

It was a personal understanding of this confusion and a strong will to make a difference that led to the germination of CollegeDoors – an online test preparation platform for students aspiring for IIT JEE- Main, BITSAT, AIIMS and NEET (AIPMT). CollegeDoors is an expert team of highly experienced professionals working in tandem with experienced IIT JEE / BITSAT / NEET (AIPMT) / AIIMS coaching faculty to ensure that you get the competitive edge you need. Together, we started this initiative to equip hardworking students like yourself; with the tools and insights you need to enhance your competitive performance.

We help you prepare in a life-like simulation environment with an exhaustive question bank, and following it up with detailed analysis and observations on your specific areas of improvement, including the important aspect of time management. No more wondering about what and how to improve – while your coach (coaching teacher) imparts knowledge to you, we help you assess yourself through detailed algorithms, thus assisting you in creating an invincible exam strategy.

CollegeDoors gives you a competitive edge required for you to succeed. It is designed to effectively complement your coaching experience by advanced tools and algorithms that you are unlikely to have access to in any other environment. It is an excellent medium for you and your coach (coaching teacher) to understand and build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Remember, success does not lie in spending longer hours studying by rote (mugging), but in Smart and Comprehensive Preparation combined with Actionable Insights.

So, don't waste another moment, and register to take free tests in IIT JEE or BITSAT or NEET (AIPMT) or AIIMS formats. What's more if you like to practice more we have created packages to suit your need and affordability. Practice, get analysis and insights and see what it feels like to be on the winning side. Success and winning should never be left to chance!

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Why CollegeDoors?

CollegeDoors.com is a unique testing platform aimed at IIT JEE / BITSAT / NEET (AIPMT) / AIIMS aspirants, to help them achieve better results through Analytics and Insights. This video details the opportunities in this segment, the success factors you need in your favour, and how partnering with us can help you meet your objectives.

How CollegeDoors Works?

CollegeDoors.com is a unique testing platform aimed at IIT JEE / BITSAT / NEET (AIPMT) / AIIMS aspirants, to help them achieve better results through Analytics and Insights. This video showcases how the platform works, how it complements your coaching class, and finally, how to interpret the reports to identify your specific areas of strength and areas of improvement.