Kamal (Co-founder, CEO)

Creating new things is something that drives Kamal. He loves to play with new technologies that meet the object of delivering best output for users. With a never say no attitude, he believes technology can bring to life anything that can be imagined. Having completed his Industrial Engineering and PGDM from IIM Indore, Kamal has traversed the professional journey in many different roles true to his basic nature of learning and creating new things. Kamal is a true go getter and creates huge influence on people around him. In his personal time, he enjoys reading with keen interest in history.

Guru (Co-Founder, CTO)

A developer at heart, Guru likes to take on roles that present challenges and learning opportunities. He has executed projects in various domains in different technologies and branching out to open source technologies since starting on his own in 2012. Before he embarked on entrepreneurial journey, Guru worked at TCS and Accenture at senior positions. Guru is B.E. in Computer Science and Technology from R.E.C Silchar. He is a foodie.

Surya (Co-Founder, Product)

Surya enjoys solving intriguing problems and works with data and processes. His key areas of interest include analytics, algorithms and visualisation. He believes anything is complex till understood or explained and has a strong bias for action. A Chemical Engineering graduate, Surya has worked on solving problems as consultant and employee across a diverse range of geographies and organisations in manufacturing and service sectors. When not at work, he enjoys to travel and capture digital memories.


A Civil Engineer from IIT Kharagpur and an alumnus of Navodaya Vidayalaya, Kapil believes that education has the power to change fortunes of any person especially in a developing and aspiring country like India. He strongly believes that education can be democratized by use of technology with the right intent. He loves to play sports and understand the way society works in his spare time.

Waqar(Business Development)

A sportsperson at heart, Waqar has deep interests in contributing towards education sector. His dream is to take the education to the lowest level and roots of our society. Waqar is a Chemical Engineer graduated from IIT Bombay and has Chemistry flowing in his blood. He has been in teaching field since last 5 years and produced excellent results like AIR-160 in IIT-JEE Advanced and many more. He was the Captain of IIT Bombay Hockey Team and led it to bring many trophies for IIT Bombay. You can find him hitting the field Hockey or long distance running if he is off from the work

Anuragi (Mentor)

Anuragi finds joy in working with people, helping them in their endeavours to perform a few notches above their potential and guiding them to achieve their dreams. A robust planner with a keen eye for detail, he manages the team to deliver delight. Anuragi is an engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur and has done PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. Anuragi has spent almost 20 years in various leadership roles across industries and geographies. He has successfully led large teams to realize their potential. When away from work, he likes to visit historical places and enjoys nature.

Why CollegeDoors?

CollegeDoors.com is a unique testing platform aimed at JEE aspirants, to help them achieve better results through Analytics and Insights. This video details the opportunities in this segment, the success factors you need in your favour, and how partnering with us can help you meet your business objectives.

How CollegeDoors Works?

CollegeDoors.com is a unique testing platform aimed at JEE aspirants, to help them achieve better results through Analytics and Insights. This video showcases how the platform works, how it complements your coaching class, and finally, how to interpret the reports to identify your specific areas of strength and areas of improvement.